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Company Profile and Strategies
  Directors and Management Team
We are principally engaged in two businesses, namely, the Trading Business of iron ore, other commodities and construction materials and the Mining Businesses carried at the Yanjiazhuang Mine (i.e. the Iron Concentrate Business and the Gabbro-Diabase and Stone Business), while we continue to explore new business and investment opportunities, including the Car-Park Business, with an aim to enhance its income stream and cash flows.

We own and operate the Yanjiazhuang Mine, an open-pit iron and gabbro-diabase mine located in Hebei Province, the PRC. As a socially responsible enterprise, we endeavor to develop the mine in a harmony and environmental friendly manner and focus on creating a safe working space for the stakeholders. With the strategic location arising from the close proximity to steel mills and infrastructure development, the Yanjiazhuang Mine is well positioned to capture the upcoming market opportunities.

To enrich the Group’s horizon geographically and derive new income stream, we have expanded into the downstream commodity Trading Business and kept looking for opportunities to diversify the product offerings to other commodities. We aim to grow the Trading Business on a steady-fast manner by tapping our business network in the sector so that we may be able to acquire market share and gain benefits from an economy of scale, therefore creating return for the Group and its Shareholders as a whole in the long run.

Looking ahead, we shall monitor the progress in respect of the permits for the Yanjiazhuang Mine so as to formulate a strategy thereon.

Apart from business operations, we will be actively searching for mining reserves and resources with potentials around the world, and evaluating mergers and acquisitions and/or co-development opportunities of mining projects in order to achieve sustainable development, and to enhance its business performance and income stream in the long run.